26 October 2020

Tips for Preparing for a Man with Van NW6

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Man and van services have emerged as a popular alternative service to hiring out a removal company in Hampstead to carry out property relocations. With the majority of the population having less and less disposable income, man and van services have been on the up as they offer a far more economical option when it comes to transporting all your possessions from your old property to your new one. Whereas a removal company could leave you a few hundred pounds worse off, hiring a man and van services start at around £15 an hour. Although they are not as hands on in the moving process as a removal service is, they are far cheaper and, as such, should be strongly considered by anyone moving properties, especially if it is a local move.

But because they do not offer a comprehensive relocation service like NW6 based removal companies do, you will need to arm yourself with a few essentials if you choose to use a Man and Van service. Here are just a few:

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1) Friends or family
The main disadvantage of using a man and van service over a removal company is the lack of labour provided. A removal company will physically come and move everything from your home to their van, and then from their van into your new residence. A man and van service operating in NW6 may help with loading and unloading, but not to the intensive level that removal companies will. So you will have to provide your own labour. Call in a few favours from family or friends to help you load all your packed belongings and furniture into the van and then off again. This will make the task go much quicker and much easier.

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2) An insurance policy
In life, accidents happen. So it’s not surprise that when it comes to relocating your world, accidents happen more often. Most home insurance policies won’t cover any damages to your furniture items and other property that incurs during a move, so it’s best to get a policy that will protect you against any damages that may happen as you attempt to hurl all your items from part of the globe to another. Remember; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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3) Bubble wrap
Even with an insurance policy, you still won’t want to have any damage done to your personal property during the move. Phoning up to claim on damaged property could turn out to be more stressful than finding a new home and then moving into it. To avoid that, simply buy copious amounts of bubble-wrap. Bubble wrap is still mankind’s best answer to avoiding dents, scrapes, scratches and whatnot, and it is extremely cheap. Bubble wrap your fragile items until they are 6 times wider than usual if you have to.

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4) A good idea of how to get to your new property
As man and van services in Hampstead charge by the hour, you don’t want to have to pay extra for getting lost or for sitting in avoidable traffic. If you are using a local Kilburn Man and Van service, which you probably are, the Man half of the Man and the Van service will likely know the quickest way to get there. But just in case the route from your old residence to your new one confuses him or her be armed with what you think is the best way to get there, as well as alternative routes to avoid any pesky traffic jams. Can you think of anything worse than having to pay £15 to sit in traffic that is so congested it will take you until tomorrow to get out of? I thought not.

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