How to Pack Makeup for Moving House to Bermondsey

12 May 2016

packing makeup

Don’t let how small individual pieces of makeup fool you, it can be incredibly expensive and also quite delicate. Therefore, it’s definitely worth packing them separately to your other personal items, such as toiletries, when moving house to Bermondsey. Also, taking extra precaution to ensure their safety when moving is also sensible. Here are some ways you can pack and protect your makeup when moving house.

Throw out

It may surprise you to learn that makeup has an expiry date; bacteria breeds when oxygen meets the product and the last thing you want to do is put this harmful bacteria on your face. Most makeup will state the amount of time you should keep it on the packing. However, generally, most liquid products keep for around six to nine months, while powder products can last longer.

moving makeup

When packing, firstly go through and throw away any expired, empty or almost-empty products. Most of us end up buying new products without throwing the old container away, so getting rid of these should reduce the amount of makeup you’re moving with to the SE16 region. After this, go through and throw away any makeup that you simply don’t use anymore. This may be odd bits of lip gloss you got free with a magazine or simply a shade of eye shadow which you’ve outgrown.


Sort your makeup and makeup brushes into categories. For example, eye shadow palettes and loose eye shadows can be separate. You may want to sort differently, such as into separate brands, depending on how extensive your makeup collection is.

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Make sure the lids are all tightly screwed on and closed, then proceed to put the makeup into separate, sealable bags. If they’re clear, you shouldn’t need to label them but if they’re not, make sure you do. Tie any brushes, pencils and other long or pencil-like pieces with elastic bands to keep them together.

If you don’t have a large makeup box, case or bag, use a small box to transport them to the new house in the SE1. If you plan on putting the box on the removal van, you’ll need to package the makeup in a sensible way. Begin with the heavier items with sturdy casing and work your way through to the lightest, like pencils, at the top. Don’t put any eye shadow palettes flat in the box as, if the containers aren’t strong enough or even bend a little, the eye shadow inside can get crushed under the weight of the rest of the makeup.

packing boxes


If there’s a lot of unpacking to do at the new house in Bermondsey, you may want to keep a few essential makeup items to one side; these will travel with you to the house in the E1 district, rather than being put on the removal van by the movers. This way, they’ll be to hand if you haven’t got time to get to your other makeup items. Makeup you may want to include in an emergency makeup bag might include some face powder, eyebrow pencil, two eye shadows, a mascara, either a pencil or liquid eye liner, blush powder, a lip gloss and a lipstick; these cover all bases while only carrying minimal products. If you have the room, you may also want to include a contour powder and highlighter.

It’s also worth carrying some makeup removal wipes and moisturiser in your essentials kit so that you can also take off your makeup and hydrate your face at the end of the day. Other makeup ‘equipment’ which you may also want to bring includes an eye pencil sharpener, an eyebrow brush and chapstick.

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