House Removals To Hackney With Pets, Making Your Life A Little Easier

03Jan 2014

If you are concerned that moving house to Hackney is going to be a tough thing to do efficiently, then imagine throwing a load of animals in to the equation! The fact of the matter is, like children, animals need a lot of attention, and not giving it to them can result in problems. Obviously, your pets are your own, and they have their own idiosyncrasies, which only you will know about. However, there are aspect of the move which may be overlooked by some, so have a look over the following tips to see which might appeal to you, and help you start on your journey toward a successful move with your pets!

For a start, you need to get things that need to be booked in, booked in! If you need to get someone to look after your pet, then you need to book it well in advance, to avoid any issues on the day. Unfortunately, with a removal to Hackney, E5 you can’t very easily make changes last minute, so finding that you can’t get anyone to look after your pet on the day of the move may be a seriously problematic situation! Book in your kennels or pet sitter as early as possible, so that there is no issue, you may even find that booking earlier gets you a discount!

When you are moving, you need to think about the times when you will not be around that you usually would have been. The move will mean that you have to be away from the house when you would not have usually been, and also that you will be indisposed with the packing and organizing of various things. Will these aspects of the move affect your pets? If your dog can’t be home on their own, will you be able to take it with you? You basically need to plan these events out in advance, to ensure that nothing can go wrong at the last minute.

Talk to your removals service or man with a van in the E8 region about your pets. You may find that they are fine to do a home removal with a few cats around, but you may find that they are not in to the idea at all. Having animals around whilst trying to move heavy furniture can cause some seriously dangerous situations, which should be avoided if possible; as otherwise, you may well end up with injuries, damages and broken items.

When you are actually moving between the properties in Hackney, how will your pets be transported? Each pet is obviously different, and you will no doubt find that you are well aware of how they should be moved, but you do need to think about how to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed at all times. Tropical pets, like reptiles, will need to be removed from their tanks, and kept comfortable during the car journey, which can be pretty difficult! Fish need to be bagged with enough oxygen within the bags to last them the journey. All of these things are rather specialist, so if it is something that you need to think about, then you should look up the necessary methods online, or talk to a specialist about it.

If you are taking your dog with you, ensure that you have time to stop and let it out every few hours, as otherwise the animal may well get distressed. You may have to let your removals company go on ahead whilst you take breaks throughout your domestic removal to the E5 area.