Finding a Removal Company in Soho you can Trust

17Dec 2014

Whether you’ve used a removal company before or it’s your first time, the most important aspect of hiring one is being able to trust them. You need to know they’ll turn up to your house on time, be professional and be confident they’ll transport your belongings safely to your destination in Soho. However, if you’re inexperienced when it comes to hiring a man with a van or moving company, you may not know how to spot a reputable one from a not-so-trustworthy one. Here are some ways you can tell whether you can trust them or not.

One of the most telling ways of finding out whether you can trust a removal company in the W1 area is the reviews left by other customers who’ve dealt with them before. They may have a review section on their site but this can often be monitored by the company and therefore edited or deleted accordingly, so it may be more reliable to type the name of the company into a search engine. If there are negative reviews, analyse why. For example, if the man with a van was late, this could be due to traffic, especially if the review is a one-off. However, keep an eye out for people saying the van hasn’t shown up even remotely on time or their belongings had substantial damage done to them. If you see anyone saying this, look for another company.

You can often tell how professional a company in Soho is by their website. The website should be smart and considerate, and they should make contacting them and getting a quote as easy as possible. They should also clearly show the different options available to you, such as the size of the vans they provide. If there website is just a single page with a phone number and a picture of a van, you may want to keep looking unless you’ve been recommended this specific company by someone you know and trust.

It’s also wise to check the company is registered with either the National Guild of Movers and Storers or the British Association of Removers. This shows that they’ve been investigated and are not only professional but also work to a high standard. The removal service in the W1 district should also offer movers insurance so ensure this is the case when booking. This protects you against damage and loss of your furniture, home furnishings and other belongings. This means, in the unlikely event that any of your belongings should get damaged, you will be adequately compensated.

Although most removal services are happy to negotiate a price, if the price they’re offering seems too good to be true, it probably is. Research around and compare prices. These shouldn’t differ hugely from each other so if a company is trying to charge a huge amount but everything else fits the bill, it’s worth speaking to them and asking them why, as they might automatically include other services in the price which you can knock off when booking. For example, many removal companies in Soho now offer a packing service, so this may be getting added onto your quote without you selecting it. On the other hand, if a company is offering an outstandingly cheap moving service, you may want to find out why it’s so cheap. Most of the time, the best course of action is to speak to someone on the phone, explain what you need and see what kind of deal they can provide you with. Removal companies are experience in what they do so will be able to make recommendations based on their knowledge and expertise.

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