A Guide to Packing Perfectly in Knightsbridge

12May 2015

Going through a house removal or an office removal in Knightsbridge is always a time-consuming and painful task. There’s the usual running around trying to find the most optimum way to go about the move. Add to that, there is the stress of actually moving and adjusting to your new home or office. In the case of relocation, packing by default becomes one of the most important tasks at hand. If you manage to get your packing right, your move will be a very smooth journey. Here’s a handy list of things to ace your packing!

removal boxes

1. Make a list
You don’t want to end up in a situation where you miss out on accounting for a few things in you haste to finish the removal in the SW1 area. In order to make sure you don’t inadvertently overlook anything, you should prepare a removal checklist that lists down all the things you will need before you can go ahead with the move. Things like estimating the number of boxes and other packing materials that you may need should be done beforehand. Also, special care should be taken while considering fragile items like china or glassware. A list of all those people, family or friends, who would be likely to help you in effecting the removal, can be made.

2. Numbering and labelling the boxes
This is one of the most essential aspects of packing which most people overlook in their haste. If you aren’t hiring an SW3 based removal company, it is essential that you know exactly what item goes into which box. Packing haphazardly could spell disaster for you, as there are chances that you may have a nerve-racking task while unpacking, as certain items could be misplaced, forgotten, or worse, lost.

3. Getting the blueprint of the house
You should know exactly how your new house is going to be like. Getting hold of a blueprint can help immensely with your packing procedure. Based on the layout of your new house, you can make a decision on the furniture to be moved. Any unsuitable or excess furniture which doesn’t fit into the new house should not be included in the packing and discarded. This also will give you an idea about how much and what kind of furniture you need to purchase for your new home.

packing services

4.  Hiring a removal van
If you can’t effect the removal all by yourself, man and van hiring in Knightsbridge is a very convenient option. However, you may need to conduct some research before getting the most reliable and efficient people to do the job for you. If man and van hire proves to be expensive, you even have the option of just hiring a moving van for the removal. Again, finding the most suitable and affordable van services for your move is a must.

5. Employing a removal company
This is the most effective way to go about your house removal in SW7. These trained movers know how to pack and lift heavy items and can deal with your goods professionally. They have top-notch crews which specialize in removals. They are experts who will ensure that your heavy or fragile items will be safely packed and transported.

The key is to find the people who will offer you the most hassle-free removal at the best price. Once you place yourself in the hands of a moving company, rest assured you won’t have to worry about getting your packing perfectly; they will do it for you!

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