5 Ways to Pack Breakable Items When Moving Out In Marylebone

16Oct 2014

When moving out in Marylebone, one of the main concerns people have is whether their valuables will be safe during the removal. Removal services work  hastily and with fast movements – factors that can inadvertently harm delicate or breakable objects. And even if your removal men are careful, the vibrations of a removal van can cause damage all by itself. The last thing you want is to complete what you think is a perfect move, only to open a box and find out your favourite item has been broken! However, with only a little foresight and planning, your breakables can make the move successfully and safely. Check out our five hints and tips on how to do this!

1)    Prepare in advance
If you have all your packing supplies ready before you start to pack, you won't find yourself running out and having to stop packing in order to go and get more. Ensure that the supplies you purchase are of good quality – this can seem like a needless expense, but good packing can make all the difference, especially when packing delicate items from your home in Marylebone, W1. Use strong tape, not just sellotape, and good, thick boxes.

2)    Wrap your items securely
If you order your boxes in a line and ensure your delicate items, such as ornaments, crockery, glassware etc., are securely bound in bubble wrap, this will minimise the damage that vibrations and sudden movements can cause. You can never use too much bubble wrap. If your items are fragile but won't break easily, wrapping them in packing paper can also effectively protect them – and it's cheaper than bubble wrap! Packaging like bubble wrap and packing paper can be very effective in protecting your items without taking up too much space.

3)    Fit your items together
Think of each box like a blank space for a jigsaw to fill – if you fit items together in one box effectively, you can ensure that none of them will be damaged. If items are wedged together, there is less of a chance of them knocking into each other during the move and causing breakages. Make sure than heavier items are not sitting on top of lighter items, and that very delicate items aren't placed at the bottom of the box, as this can cause damage when boxes are put down in the removal van.

4)    Keep your boxes small
The smaller a box is, the lighter it is, which makes it easier for removal men that work in the NW1 to carry them around. If your box is too heavy, there is the risk that it could be dropped and your delicate items could be damaged. Even if a heavy box is not dropped, its weight can often mean that it is put down with considerable force, which would not be good for your breakables!

5)    Label your boxes
If your box contains fragile goods, make sure you note this down on the box. The more detail you use, the more the removal men in Marylebone will be able to understand exactly what the box contains and act accordingly. So don't just label a box as 'FRAGILE', label it as something like 'BREAKABLE CHINA – TREAT WITH CARE' to ensure that the removal service treats your valuables with respect!

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