Why a Moving Checklist is so Important for When You Move House To Camden

12 May 2016

moving checklist

A moving checklist is imperative when you plan on moving house to Camden and yet it is the one thing that most people forget in their rush to move house. Moving house is exciting, scary as well as very nerve wracking for most people which is why it is highly recommended that before you contact a removal company, you should always have a checklist to be able to put everything together. Off the top of our heads, it is easy to remember what we own and what needs shifting however when it actually comes down to practicality, we often find ourselves freezing up when the removal services company actually asks what they need to carry.

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A checklist helps us always put down on paper what we may often forget. It is so common for us to ad-hoc imagine what actually needs done without actually having a protocol to follow on by. This checklist also serves another very important usage which is making sure that the NW1 based house removal company will actually take all your belongings correctly because it can often happen that if they are a rogue company that isn’t vetted or licenced, can take half your belongings to sell. It is sad if that may ever happen, however there have been more reported incidents across the capital that have often spelled disaster when people who are moving house have entrusted them with their furniture and other goods and they have taken out stuff half way, and worse even lied that they were never given those specific goods in the first place. The best way around this is to label the boxes really clearly on what is inside them and include all the contents, with a small checklist at the side which would tremendously help the team to be able to put all the items in the right rooms in the new house in the N1.

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It is very stressful trying to move house to Camden and having a checklist means that you can sleep assured that you have a countdown to everything that needs to be done. For example, when you need to set up forwarding numbers and change addresses, there needs to be a time frame that you need to carry it out on. Do it too soon and you will have an exchange of mail and do it too late and you will definitely miss out important mail. The same advice also goes for things like your utilities, DVLA, HMRC and other important entities that you would need to inform. Removals companies operating in the WC1 region make your life relatively much simpler and able for you to focus on the important things. A moving checklist should be duplicated and also handed over to your team that is handling your move, because it is much easier to be able to liaise with the team on what they have actually taken to be moved, rather than wonder.

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A checklist makes it easier to keep everything under control because it is normal to have the tendency to feel out of control and panicky. Small yet important things like taking the last meter readings of your soon to be old premises, can often elude you, however a checklist can make it easier for you because you are running with a plan and it will help put your mind at rest. Remember to start to design your checklist at least 90 days in advance, so that you can keep checking off everything as you do it.

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