Things To Consider When Hiring Movers In Wimbledon

29Jul 2015

The process of finding a trustworthy removal company in Wimbledon can seem a little daunting at first. Movers will be responsible for some of your most valued possessions when you’re moving house, and you likely don’t have an extensive history with hiring removal companies, so knowing which one to go to can be tricky. Here are a few good pointers to bear in mind when looking for movers.

Before diving in and asking for quotes from your nearest company in SW19, you should first consider whether or not you actually need a removals company. When many of your friends and family hear you’re moving house, they probably volunteered straight away to help you with moving everything. Although relying on people you know can take a huge figure off of the overall price of moving, it’s important to remember they’re not professionals, and as such aren’t obliged to turn up! For the same reason, your friends and family are also liable to make rookie mistakes, which professional moving companies will be looking out for vigilantl

The first thing to do when looking at removal companies is to ask around for recommendations. Friends and co-workers who may have moved recently, as well as local estate agents in Wimbledon, SW20, can usually be trusted with pointing you in the direction of a good removal company, and a personal testimony can take a lot of worry off your mind. You should also decide on your budget early, and if you have someone willing, describe to them everything you need to move to get a rough estimate of the price. Once you have a list of reputable moving companies, the next step would be to get online and do a little detective work into each one. This usually involves going through comparison websites and other impartial bodies, scouring for any negative reviews that could help you avoid disaster on the big day. You may also want to research mover’s associations, which usually have strict entry requirements for any firms they give membership to.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down enough, call each company to get a price estimate on the job. When an estimator comes to your home, make sure you double and triple check your house over, then show them everything you want to have moved from attic to cellar. Removal companies in Wimbledon calculate their invoices by the weight of the items they have to move, and if a manager for the moving company thinks there is more weight than the quote they’ve given, they may challenge the initial estimate, which could end up in unpleasant disputes and a higher price than you expected. Although a professional moving company should ask, make sure they’re informed on any features of your new house which might complicate the moving process, such as long flights of steps or an extraordinary distance between the curb and the front door.

Once you’ve got quotes from all the relocation companies you’ve considered, lay them out and compare them. Watch out for any price estimate that seems significantly lower than all the others, and by the same token, go through each individual cost of the noticeably higher prices. The removals industry is a highly competitive one, so don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with companies in SW20 that give you a quote that seems a little higher than what’s reasonable. Once you’ve completed this step, repeat! Get back online and go through each of the finalists one more time, checking how long they’ve been in business, and looking everywhere you can for any nasty secrets you may have missed before.

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