How to Move House to Shoreditch when you are Pressed for Time

12 May 2016

moving house

Moving house to Shoreditch when you are pressed for time, is a big challenge because moving house is stressful enough let alone having the added pressure of doing it within a few short period of timeframe. It is something that people often have to do, at least once in their life and it comes with its own trials and tribulations, something that needs to be taken into account before you try to move house on limited time. Below are a few tips to be able to get your house removal underway when the clock is ticking.

moving checklist

•    Make a moving checklist. A moving checklist is imperative to be able to get everything in order during your big house move to the N1 region because there will be so many things that actually need your attention. Packing, sorting and hiring a removal company are some of the things that you will need to do, so having a list to go by when time isn’t in your favour, tremendously helps. A checklist also helps you keep everything in order and also assists in keeping you calm at all times, even when you start to panic and think you are completely out of time.

moving company

•    Hiring a removal services company. A removal services company takes a lot of pressure off you because the main concern for most people that move house to the E1 and probably including yourself is often how you are going to transport things from your current residence to the new home you are moving into. Finding a company that is affordable, reliable, honest and insured is a complete load off your head, because it enables you to focus on the other things that come along with moving house, things you may miss or overlook when it comes to clearing out everything and things that can often come back to bite you later on, if you aren’t careful.

moving day

•    Make sure that you have informed all your service providers on your leaving date. One of the worst things that happens to people when they are moving house to Shoreditch, N1, is that they sometimes forget to inform their utilities as well as phone companies that they are moving, or they do it far too late and they are unnecessarily billed extra, something that they are not even responsible for, only because they failed to mention that they were leaving by a certain date. On the day that you actually finally vacate your premises, be sure to take a meter reading of each service provider, so that it is a final accurate read of what has actually been used that you need to pay, as opposed to an estimate that can be a lot more. It is already quite expensive to move house, you do not need extra charges.

packing services

•    Pack the items that are not being used so that your removal company in the E1 district does not face any issue on the day with collecting all your belongings, plus before the due date, your workload is cut out and you are calm and ready to move out as well as not rushing. Also de-clutter your entire house, because you will find that there is so much stuff that you hoard and do not even realise. It can benefit other people as well and if you sell it in a garage sales as well as places online such as eBay or Amazon, it can bring you some spare cash which is always handy when you move house.

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