Choosing a Removals Company in Islington - Your Moving Options

31Jan 2014

Gone are the days when there were only two options available to get your belongings from one house to another in Islington. It used to be that you either forked out the money for a full removal service, where a team of experts took all of the hassle out of your day, or you kept a tight hold on your purse-strings but put your back out by hiring a van and took everything on yourself.

While these two options are still readily available, there are now many more options available to the customer on the move, allowing people to customise moving service and get the exact moving experience they want within budget. So what are the basic options?

Most removal companies in the N1 area now offer three basic modes of transportation for getting your possessions into their new home: removal van hire, the fully-manned removal and the man with a van service. The man with a van service occupies a middle ground between the two more traditional modes of transport, providing one removal expert to drive and help with the moving while coming in at a price much more comparable to that of basic van hire. For those on the move who don't mind getting stuck in but would like the comforting arm of some expertise, this service is an attractive option.

The full removal service has also come on offer for most companies as well. You can now make decisions about the size of team you want, and most providers in Islington, NW1 can offer a professional packing service at a cost and/or simply sell you the appropriate materials you need to get the job done yourself. You can usually choose the time-scale of your move, and some companies will give you the option to span a long-distance move over two days as drivers in the UK are now legally only allowed to drive four-and-a-half hours at a time. Splitting the move over two days could make things more affordable as only one driver will be required as opposed to two if it was all done in one day. If you require storage options most removal companies will be happy to make recommendations, while some may even have their own units available at a favourable rate.

There has never been more choice when it comes to moving options in the N1 district, and because of this is can be a confusing and often overwhelming market place. It often makes good sense to have a set of services in mind and a budget before you go shopping, as you will quickly find you get caught up in all the hassle-busting services if you do not have a guide, and things will start getting expensive very quickly. While we would all love the professionals to take care of every aspect of our move down to the last bit of home decoration this is not always an option and packing services are not usually a justifiable expense, although can be in certain situations.

The main point when deciding on what level of professional involvement you want with your move to Islington is to shop around. There are a large number of firms out there all offering slightly different services, all of which are becoming more and more customisable. If you have incredibly specific requirements, or you want a certain service on a particular day, then keep looking around and you will find it. There is so much help on offer nowadays that making decisions can be daunting, but all that choice does make it much easier to get what you want within budget. Happy shopping!

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