A Guide To Your First Removal To Bayswater

29Apr 2015

So the time's finally come, you've decided to move out of your family home and into the world. That means you're moving home in the Bayswater region for the first time, and because of this you should be extra careful and make sure everything gets done properly.

1 – Are you absolutely sure?
The whole moving process is rewarding in that it opens up plenty of new possibilities in your life, but it is a big commitment. So consider this before you do anything else.

Are you ready to tackle all of the challenges that house ownership presents? Can you afford the upkeep, redecorations, utilities and so on? Only when the answer to all of these is yes should you take that step. Also, be sure that you have a backup plan just in case your relocation doesn't work out.

2 – Sort out your budget!
The costs that are associated with a Bayswater based removal can be reined in by keeping to a strict budget. So get started as soon as possible; estimate all of the bills that you're likely to run into both on the move, and for the rest of the month, then make a budget around that.

It makes sense to do this far in advance, so you can have a price in mind before you start looking for a home. Stay as close as possible to your agreed price threshold, and don't be afraid to haggle when house hunting. The home of your dreams might have a high sticker price, but you never know – the sellers may be willing to nudge the price down a bit.

3 – Hire a good, local to Bayswater removal company
Hiring a mover comes under your budget too, but more importantly you want a mover that's worth your time. Do plenty of research before you hire. Ask around for recommendations; talk to your friends, family and co-workers, see if they can't give you the name of a W2 based mover.

Failing that, check the internet – look around price comparison and review websites, see if you can't snag yourself a trustworthy removal provider for a low price. After you've found one, make sure they provide the moving services that you need. Like, what kind of van you need, and if you need help with the packing or furniture disassembly, and so on.

4 – Do the packing properly
The packing is something you should take extra care with, even if you're only taking on a small removal. If your budget can't stretch to a W2 based packing service, then you'll have to do things yourself. There's not much to it, really...

Get a hold of some proper moving boxes. Not second hand ones – you'll want to make sure they're sturdy and can handle the job. The same goes for the tape, and bubble wrap. Don't cut corners here, you'll want everything to get to the other side in one piece. Use a few layers of bubble wrap for the more fragile objects, and use your best judgement. Follow examples like; 'don't pack heavy objects in with easily breakable ones', and others like it.

You should be careful on any London removal, but taking your time and planning things out is the most important part. The removal process will run a lot more smoothly if you're prepared for anything.

A good removals company can really help with this. They will take care of the heavy lifting and loading, and your mind can be free to think about other things. Just keep on top of everything, and all will be well!

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