A Guide to Successful Office Removals in Finchley

30Mar 2015

Whilst it is common knowledge that moving house is a stressful thing, when undertaking an office move in Finchley there are even more things to take into consideration. You must ensure minimal disruption to the everyday running of the business, whilst at the same time taking care of the health and safety of sometimes hundreds of members of staff. Furniture must be shifted without damage, and most importantly, IT equipment has to be dismantled, relocated and reinstated in a very short space of time. This is why it’s essential that you allow weeks of planning and have everything in place so that, when it comes to moving day, things run smoothly and efficiently.

Have a plan:
Knowing the layout of your new offices in Finchley, N3 is vital so that you can visualise the new set up. Visiting the premises and taking dimensions and photographs is the first to step to creating a detailed floorplan,with precise measurements, that you can refer back to throughout the process. Make sure you pay attention to all the minor details and allow enough space for drawers to open, chairs to swivel and of course those all-important gatherings round the photocopier! Share your plan with other employees and get their input, as this may be an opportunity to reorganise departments and make their working environment more appealing. Keep a checklist of things that need doing, there’s nothing like ticking off boxes to make you feel like you’re making progress.

Bring in the professionals:
Expecting fellow staff members to carry out the move is unrealistic and also unsafe. Not only is there a lot of heavy lifting involved in an office move, the networking of computers and other electrical necessities is complicated and requires experts in their field to be involved. Most relocation specialist will have a team of technicians who can deal with IT issues, make sure they are fully briefed on what is expected of them, and they have access to your floorplan, to avoid unnecessary problems.Your movers will be on hand to deal with large items such as desks and filing cabinets,clearly label everything that is going, and also those things that do not need to be moved, (this is your chance to de-clutter the office and get rid of any neglected potted plants or embarrassing photos from last year’s Christmas party!)

Keep everyone informed:
Communication with office workers is paramount,  so make sure that the moving date is confirmed well in advance and all employees are aware of the deadline. If each worker is expected to pack up their own desks and files, give them enough time to do this and provide the appropriate boxes, as you never know who might be on holiday or out of the office come moving day. Also make known any disruptions that may occur to everyday work life in the build-up. Health and safety is of great importance and they need to know if floors will be up, if wiring is exposed or whether the kitchen is out of use. Finally make sure that everyone knows where they are going to and the layout of the new building. If they are going to be spending forty five hours of their week in one place then finding the location of the canteen, toilets and coffee machines will be at the top of their priority list!

Whether you’re expanding or simply looking for a new environment, moving offices in Finchley can herald a new era for your business and despite a few teething problems that may crop up initially, remember “a change can be as good as a rest!”

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