7 Hidden Costs Of Moving

03Sep 2015

Hidden Moving Costs

Everyone knows that moving to a new property is a very expensive venture. From the cost of your removal company to the agency fees, there’s a lot to worry about if you’re concerned about your finances, but what about the hidden costs of moving? There are lots of things that can end up costing you money when you move – some of them unexpected! Here are seven hidden costs of moving house that you might not have considered!

1) Your moving company.
Before hiring any removals company, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions provided. Some companies may charge you for anything from parking fees to cancellation requests, so be aware of what you might have to pay out for with the company you’ve chosen. It’s also important to ask about extra fees that might be applied for carrying heavy items, carrying items up and down flights of stairs, or anything else that could incur a cost.

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2) Insurance policies.
If you’ve hired a removals company then you also need to be aware of their insurance policy. Not all companies include this in their prices, and you might find yourself having to pay for a policy that you weren’t expecting. Alternatively, without insurance you might face the costs of accidental damages and breakages, which can add up depending on what’s been broken! Make sure you’re fully aware of the insurance policy offered so that you can get the best value for money and ensure that your belongings will be safe on moving day!

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3) Moving supplies.
Second-hand moving boxes can usually be sourced for free from your local stores, but what about your larger, more fragile or expensive items? The cost of moving boxes can add up if you need them for your televisions, computers, monitors and other pricey goods. You can avoid spending a fortune on packing boxes by shopping around for the best prices, or asking for package deals to cut the cost of moving.

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4) End of tenancy cleaners.
If you’ve been living in a rented property then you’ll be expected to leave the house in perfect condition. If you don’t have time to clean your home thoroughly and to a high standard then you might need to think about hiring a cleaning company to help you out. These services can sometimes be expensive, especially for larger properties or properties with pets. Look around to find a professional company for a suitable price, and don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the service before making a booking.

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5) Taking time off work.
Depending on your job, you might not be able to get time off work without losing some of your wage. It’s important to make sure that you agree on a specified period of absence that won’t leave you out of pocket. If this isn’t possible, try moving on a weekend; though be aware that this may be more expensive than hiring a removal company on a weekday.

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6) Unexpected repairs.
Once you arrive in your new property, you might find a few issues or problems that will need addressing. From plumbing and electricity to plastering and decorating, try to keep a little money aside for home maintenance – just in case!

Handyman Services

7) Bill payments.
Make sure that your utility providers are aware of your change of address, so that bills will arrive to your new home without a problem. Missing post can often lead to missed payments, which can end up costing you money!

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